Sep 24

A Beginners Guide To Automatic Watch Winders

What Is An Automatic Watch Winder?

An automatic watch winder is a device which you can use to wind your automatic watches when they’re not being worn. In fact when your automatic timepieces are not being worn it’s essential that you keep them wound and to that end a watch winder for your automatic watches is an essential item for any collector of automatic watches. The devices themselves are made up of one or more “turntables” connected to one or more motors inside a case, well generally speaking at least, and their sole function is to either rotate or otherwise keep you watch in motion so that it can stay wound. Automatic Watch WinderThis is because any automatic watch is powered, to a greater or lesser extent, by the movement of your body.

Who Needs One?

If you own a single automatic timepiece you may not need to invest in an automatic watch winder because your watch will have a built-in power reserve, usually capable of keeping your watch ticking over for around 30 hours. The issue most watch collectors find is that it’s impossible to know how many hours of a power reserve are left in your watch and if you own more than one of this type of timepiece then your problems of keeping them wound grows at a near-geometric rate. The reality is that if you’re an existing watch collector or you intend investing in more than a single self-winding watch then you’ll need to invest in an automatic watch winder.

How Much Does A Winder Cost?

This, like many things in life, will depend entirely on what type of winder you need, your budget for buying one and what your expectations of that winder are. Firstly the good news is that you can purchase an entry-level, single watch, automatic watch winder for as little as $40, so as you can see you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get yourself a winder. The problem with buying cheap winders is that usually means you’re getting cheap motors, which in turn means that your winder is probably going to last a whole lot less than 12-months. Your goal when purchasing a watch winder is to get most, if not all, of the features you want and not break the bank in the process. Bear in mind that you can quite easily spend $5,000 on a high-end watch winder but it effectively does the exact same job as a winder costing less than $500.

When Should You Buy A Winder?

Considering that we’re discussing you preserving the integrity of your automatic watch collection there’s never been a better time than right now to invest in your very first automatic watch winder. If you find yourself in the position of already owning several of these watches then the simple act of maintaining them all and keeping them all adequately wound will be impetus enough for you to invest in a winder – probably the very reason you’re reading this article right now we’d imagine?

Where Can You Buy One?

Fortunately the world of online shopping has brought self-winding watch enthusiasts and their supporting vendors closer together. You’ll find that the bigger online retailer, like Amazon.com for example, are an ideal place to shop for an automatic watch winder of any kind. The reason why it makes more sense to shop online is because you can read the impartial reviews of other customers who already own this winder before you commit yourself to making that final purchase decision – it’s nice to have peace of mind when you’re taking out your credit card to pay for something online no?

 In A Nutshell

Being the owner of an automatic watch, unlike so many other timepieces, requires that you pay more attention to the maintenance of your watch and keeping it wound is an essential part of that overall “maintenance” program. When you’re actually wearing your watch it’s being wound but wouldn’t it be nice to know that when your watch, or watches, are not in use that your shiny, new automatic watch winder is taking care of that bothersome “work” for you?

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